In recent months, Casa Gallina offered three Hydroponics Workshops to neighbors interested in learning this method of cultivation. At the end of this series of workshops, all three groups met and discussed ideas about how to give back to the barrio.

Approximately forty participants participated in the workshops. The participants divided the tasks: a team was in charge of designing and producing a guide; while each person in the rest of the group germinated about ten lettuce seedlings that they proceeded to repot in small pots to be distributed at the Alameda.

This project, called Adopta una lechuga (Adopt a lettuce), will hand out the potted lettuces not only as a gift, but also with the implied responsibility of caring and harvesting the products.

The distribution took place at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 4, at the Alameda in Santa María La Ribera. The date and time were decided in light of the larger flow of pedestrians and the decrease of traffic over the weekend. Two tables with the potted plants were set up; a group of participants invited passersby; while another group showed how to take care of the plants and explained the different kinds of lettuces. Each plant came with a pamphlet containing relevant information. Using a wheelbarrow to carry plants and pamphlets, a third group of participants gave plants to people walking on the surrounding paths of the Alameda. The group gave a total of 400 plants over a period of two and a half hours.