Ana María Millán began her first residency at Casa Gallina last October. Millán works in Bogotá and Berlin, and since 1998 she has been a member of Helena Producciones, an independent research group, which based on cultural production studies and their relationships with specific contexts (historic, artistic, social, politic, geographic and economic) have generated multiple curatorships, television programs, publications, exhibits and workshops.

Initial Proposal

Summary of the proposal

For this project we are relying on games, secrecy, and floating and dislocated communicational tools in order to avoid those processes that normalize the artistic experience in an attempt to tame people and to turn everything into statistics. At the request of the participants who belong to secret urban communities, secrecy will be a key tool to build the project. The nature of many narrations in the proposal stand between fiction and reality, between the human and the animal realm, between a linear and a circular structure.

The proposal demands an audiovisual narration about several worlds that intersect as a result of a collaborative process of six young individuals. We began by asking what does being a gamer mean? What is his or her motivation beyond that of being a consumer of that industry? Games are considered to be an escapist, prevention, and survival system in a dystopian, disjointed society with no future.

We started from the premise that most video games are military exercises intended to tame people and to turn them submissive; thus, this project seeks to use the video games language, but subverting and distorting that perspective using psychoanalysis, games, and by building an animal identity as a liberating method.

Ana María Millán


October 2015

DSCN6111During her first residency, Ana María Millán establishes contacts and identifies initial areas and social actors related to her interests. She is particularly attracted to the dynamics in beauty shops in the barrio, such as hairdressing salons, and shops specialized in artificial nails. During this first residency she also collaborated with SOMA in the reviewing of students’ portfolios.

January- April 2016

IMG_9548During her second residency, Ana María Millán establishes contact with a group of youngsters who are interested in video games. Millán conducts an exchange process where the group explores writing of stories, characters and environments; they also visit the Estudios Churubusco (Mexico’s main film studios) and the Museo del Juguete Antiguo, to activate creativity, and to develop abilities in the group, thus the process of intertwining visual and thematic narratives begins for the co-participative project.

Presentation of the Proposal

May 2016
IMG_1836Ana María Millán is in her third residency this month, during which she continues to work with the group of gamers. Together they are developing the narrative content for the project. On May 20, Ana María Millán presented her proposal to the inSite team and to three external collaborators: Eurídice Cabañes, Ricardo García Fuentes “Micro” and Ana Bell Chino.



October–November 2016

IMG_7141During her fourth residency, Ana María Millán began her production process by turning her script into visual material. Based on the work of collaborating sketch artists, modelers, and animators, Millán compacted, edited and visually translated the narrative contents contributed by the group of gamers in the barrio.


December 2016

Atotonilco Estudio begins the technical process of animation.


September 2016

The production and post-production of the piece are finished.


Closure of the project

May 2017

Ana María Millán held meetings with the project’s participants in order to share the progress and results of their collaboration.