El libro de las mascotas (The Book of Pets), inSite/Casa Gallina’s first publishing project, is a collection of personal stories and touching images about the affectionate role played by pets in the neighborhood. Included are their stories and imagined empathy in their environments. To identify and contact pet owners in Santa María La Ribera, campaigns were launched in veterinary clinics, animal grooming businesses, and pet food and supplies stores, as well as social networks linked to organizations promoting responsible pet ownership. Then, writer Bernardo Esquinca and photographer Eunice Adorno (a resident in the barrio) were invited to work together on this project.

Interviews and photographs for El libro de las mascotas (The Book of Pets) began in January 2015. Esquinca and Adorno visited pet owners at their homes, and while Bernardo recorded stories about their pets, Eunice photographed them in their environment. The recordings were later turned into written stories, illustrated with the photographs.

Turner Publishing Company has now printed the book, and we hope distribution will begin by the end of 2015.