As part of the 2017 Food Business Management Program, managers of seven establishments in the barrio and collaborators formed a work group. Under the guidance of chef Iván Ikra Salicrú, they held regular meetings at their facilities to analyze daily problems that impact their management.

Promoted by Casa Gallina, this process began in April with a meeting where business owners held conversations with their peers and agreed on dates and times to visit the establishments. Seven food businesses participated: three coffee shops, two establishments focused on healthy and vegan food, a family run to-take-out food eatery, and a pizza parlor. All were small family and/or friends’ businesses.

During the first round of sessions, the host business owners spoke about their concerns and the specific problems of their establishments; while the rest of the participants and the chef Iván Ikra advised and shared their own experiences. At the end of this series of sessions, tasks to solve specific problems were assigned to each establishment. The implementation and efficiency of such tasks were monitored in the following sessions.

A total of three meetings were held at each establishment. As a result, considerable improvements were achieved in different aspects of the management of each business, which comprised technical functions of the equipment used and a precise conceptualization of the businesses, including client service, human resources management, and teamwork