Geología para terrícolas is a book for young readers, especially for those living in Santa María La Ribera who visit the Museo de Geología. The book’s purpose is to encourage a critical vision about our ≠relationship with the planet and its nonrenewable natural resources, such as soil, water, and minerals. The book addresses children and teenagers as well as the child in every adult neighbor, its curiosity and hopes for a better life in harmony with the environment. The stories narrated take place inside the Museo de Geología, and their goal is to reinforce our love and responsibility to nature. Each chapter, each commentary, is based on the surprise experienced by an extraterrestrial visiting our planet. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and protecting the world’s resources and preserving our surrounding environment.

The book also explains why geological resources are key to the regeneration and protection of the environment and encourages the reader to rethink the concepts of mining that have guided the traditional understanding of the use of vital natural resources. The exploitation of natural reserves, energy, and biotic factors should be protected by controlled operations that always have the common good in mind. The book also refers to the vast geological collection at the Museo de Geología, the building where the stories take place.

Key foundations in the education of future generations should encompass nature, sustainability, the environment, and biodiversity to nurture the ethical and civic performance of students. Another goal of the book is to encourage critical thinking and engagement that may encourage and activate a humanistic and caring culture. Therefore, inSite/Casa Gallina is proud of having made this book possible, and we hope it will be welcomed by neighbors and young readers.

The book is distributed free of charge among students at the barrio’s public schools and will be part of the didactic material used in the 2018 summer courses offered at Casa Gallina.