Habitar el agua: un acercamiento a la cuenca del Valle de México (Inhabit the Water: An Approach to the Basin of the Mexico Valley) was a book conceived to encourage the residents of Santa María La Ribera to be alert to our responsible role in the use and preservation of water. The book records the transformation of the lacustrine landscape in the Mexico Valley, which was gradually dried out to become an urban area with severe water problems.

For instance, Santa María La Ribera took its name as a result of its proximity to the Consulado River (ribera means riverside, shore) that was piped in the 40’s to build what is now Circuito Interior, a major freeway.

Included in the book is an essay by Elías Cattan dedicated to the problematic of our role in the use and preservation of water. It also offers a series of info-photographs about the topic taken while Cattan and Taller 13 were working on their research. The photographs help to understand the situation of the water resources in our city, our country, and the world. Also included is a photographic essay by Alex Dorfsman, which offers a visual perspective about the different states of water in a large variety of contexts. The book is complemented with a series of useful tips about the responsible use and preservation of water.

This book is being distributed to students, teachers, and to libraries at the schools of the barrio. It is also free for neighbors interested in environmental topics and in the basin of the Valley of Mexico

We hope the book about Mexico City’s hydrographic environment will increase the ecological awareness of our neighbors, as well as their direct involvement in topics such as environmental sustainability and preservation, and better developmental policies in accordance to nature.

In addition to the book, there is an exhibit at the Museo de Geología, which will be open from November 2017 to March 2018.