The exhibit Habitar el agua: un acercamiento a la cuenca del Valle de México (Inhabit the Water: An Approach to the Basin of the Mexico Valley) is shown at UNAM’s Museo de Geología, located at the Santa María La Ribera Alameda. The purpose of the exhibit is to emphasize the importance of water and our responsible role in its use and preservation. The exhibit also displays a photographic essay by artist Alex Dorfsman that encourages a visual approach to different situations and states in which water is found in our current environment. Also shown is part of a research project by architect Elías Cattan and Taller 13, a regenerative architecture office, which compiles an info-photographic series about water, its situation in the word, and in our immediate environment.

For this exhibit, Cattan built a model of the basin of the Valley of Mexico including the topography and the different bodies of water that have been lost due to urban growth. Shown in the model is the geographic relation between our barrio and one of the main rivers in the area, the Consulado River, which was piped in the 40’s to build what is now Circuito Interior, a major freeway.

The exhibit includes a book with photographs by Dorfsman and Cattan’s info-photographic research, as well as practical tips about the responsible use and preservation of water. The exhibit hall is activated by group tours that are followed by workshops to encourage critical thinking, creative solutions, and teamwork. During 2017, the activation groups were made up of participants in the Urban Garden Workshops and families who come to Casa Gallina interested in environmental topics. In January 2018, the school tours began, organized with elementary and junior high schools in the barrio. The activation program is coordinated by Angélica Cortés, with the help of the museum’s docents.

Focused on the hydrography of Mexico City’s environment, the project is aimed at encouraging an informed alertness among neighbors in Santa María la Ribera, and their direct and growing involvement in sustainability and preservation of the environment, as well as in improving developmental policies in tune with nature.