The in-site work with the first group of coffee shops in the Support Program for the Management of Food Businesses began. Four local coffee shops participated and the in-situ work sessions were held weekly in each establishment.

The group began the support process at Casa Gallina, where they shared their experiences with other business owners. They spoke about daily problems that impact and, in some cases, hinder growth.

After the first session, participants agreed on dates and schedules when the group could visit each establishment. During each visit the establishments became study cases, with hosts speaking about their business’ mission and goals, and the problems to reach those goals.

Support was, in most cases, coordinated by Iván Icra Salicrú, expert in restaurant management and development, who suggested possible actions, which were expanded by the group’s feedback. The group also analyzed the visual identity, interior design, workflow, menus, management, and microfinances. In the case of two coffee shops that were undergoing a redefinition process, the group gave suggestions about the general concept of such businesses.