La Dalia: A Traditional Market in Santa María La Ribera is a book dedicated to young readers, especially those who live in the barrio. It celebrates the cultural legacy of the local market. This book speaks to children, but also to the child in every neighbor—to their recollections, their daily joys, and their ideals. The stories recreated or imagined by the authors aim to reinforce a legacy of love for nature and the Mexican countryside. Each chapter and observation emphasizes the importance of appreciating the ethics supporting our habits of consumption—what we buy and from whom we buy it. They highlight the rich variety of our cuisine, its nutritional virtues, and the underlying human efforts in each economic exchange.

This book also stresses the reason why neighborhood markets are central to the ways in which we connect to our environment. Protecting nature, rural areas, justice, and everyone’s human values depends on the economic health of local markets and the small farmers who make them possible. It also depends on our personal decisions as consumers.

Crucial to the education of future generations is sustainability and the protection of nature, the protection of diversity, and the protection of the environment as key ethical issues. The main objective of this book is to contribute to an education that promotes critical thinking and commitment that encourages active engagement with society.

As part of its Synergies initiative, inSite/Casa Gallina commissioned this book by artist Manuel Monroy and writer Roxanna Erdman. Our gratitude to both for these illustrations and wonderful short stories about the cultural legacy of La Dalia market, and the human fabric of its vendors and neighbors.

This book will be used as a reference book for the 2017 Summer Workshop at Casa Gallina.