Mapa Natura: Santa María La Ribera (Mapping Nature: Santa María La Ribera) covers visits to two focal parks in the barrio: la Alameda del Kiosco Morisco (The Moorish Kiosk Alameda), and the Parque de lo Mascarones (Figureheads’ Park). The purpose is to temporarily turn those parks into meeting and learning sites, where neighbors may exchange knowledge and pose questions about the life of nature in the barrio, under the guidance of biologists Lourdes Cruz Terán and Iván Pérez Samayoa.

On September 24, at 10:00 a.m., the first tour to the Moorish Kiosk Alameda was held. Lourdes and Iván began by talking about legal and scientific issues to be considered in the appropriate placing of trees in public spaces. Both biologists encouraged a detailed observation of certain elements such as the distance between trees, the growth and orientation of their branches, the adverse impact when the exposed soil around their roots is too great to support the proper growth of the trees, while keeping in mind the possible effects on urban infrastructure.

Neighbors also identified differences in trees at the Alameda with the help of printed information that provided facts about typology of branches, trunks, and leaves of the common trees in Mexico City. This material also included spaces to be filled by participants, in order to evaluate health conditions of the observed trees. This is a useful tool when presenting petitions with factual testimonies to officers in charge of urban trees.

During the tour, neighbors expressed their doubts and concerns about the citizens’ care of the natural environment, as well as the possibility of gathering anecdotes and testimonials about their personal relationship with green areas in the neighborhood.