Pablo Helguera begins his approach to the barrio in January 2015. He focuses on one of the most emblematic institutions in Santa María La Ribera, the Geology Museum that is located across from the Kiosk. In the work of this multidisciplinary artist living in New York, he tackles different fields of knowledge, such as history, ethnography, sociolinguistics, and pedagogy; based on them, he gives visibility to absurd situations or establishes links with recovered or resignified memory.


January 2015/ First Residency

prepasWith a vast experience in education from an artistic perspective, Helguera begins his work process in the barrio by researching the history of the museum and its internal dynamics. He expands his research to the Preparatoria Popular Mártires de Tlatelolco, a public high school located in the center of the barrio, where he generates a synergy between the museum and the school with the goal of developing a co-participative project.

April 2016/ Second Residency

IMG_1403As part of his recent visit to the barrio, Pablo Helguera coordinated a mediation workshop with a group of guides from the Geology Museum. These young individuals with different educational backgrounds give guided tours to general visitors and to school groups. Helguera suggested mediation exercises to the guides, in order to provide them with additional tools for their work as mediators at a science museum. On the following day, the Mexican artist gave a talk in the museum’s auditorium to a group of people interested in the way Helguera’s artistic work and his experience as a museum mediator nurture each other and establish a constant creative dialogue. Helguera’s current goal is to work with a group of people linked to the barrio to generate a participative project in the near future.