Oaxaca resident Edgardo Aragón began his research and his residency at inSite/Casa Gallina in June 2015. During that time he focused on identifying situations and/or potential dynamics for a future collaboration. Aragón’s work is defined by his exploration of the underlying social complexity in the collective memory. Evident in his work are narratives that lead to questioning and reconfiguring pivotal elements in the imaginary, in an attempt to build new versions of those stories.



August – September 2015

DSCN5859BEdgardo Aragón during his second residency in the barrio. He began a dialogue with a group of cyclists from the barrio who organize nightly rides in the city. Aragón also contacted a sonidero (sound man in charge of the music in popular festivities) from the barrio, who owns a large collection of records of Colombian music.

July 2016

During his third residency at the barrio, Edgardo Aragón continues his research, focusing his approach on different neighbors: Joel, a local DJ; Abraham, biologist, barista, and owner of a café; and don Felipe, a blacksmith interested in breeding farm animals. As a result of their conversations, they start to define their joint project.

Presentation of the Proposed Project

August 2016

IMG_572730. Edgardo Aragón presents his proposed project to Ale de la Puente, Fernanda Mejía, and David Miranda, who give him valuable feedback, and discuss new ideas and approaches.


August 2016

IMG_464624–26. Edgardo Aragón begins producing his piece. He plants coffee seeds in an empty lot in the barrio and, inspired by the Colombian tradition of playing music while planting, the artist invites Joel, a local DJ specialized in Colombian music, to play. The project will focus on the relation between landscape, local economy, and social problems that affect the participants in the project.

IMG_5077Aragón also invited Abraham, a local biologist, barista, and owner of Bello Café, to advise them about planting, growing, harvesting, and preparing the plants.

IMG_5141As part of the sessions in the empty lot, a live concert is held with a group of musicians from the barrio that plays frequently at the Bello Café. For their improvisation, they used different Aztec death whistles, prepared instruments, as well as paper and stones to generate different sounds.

October 2016

IMG_725124–28. Edgardo Aragón works on the production of his piece. During this residency he records several videos about the growth of the plants in the empty lot

December 2016

IMG_82236–9. Edgardo Aragón continues filming and recording scenes, sounds, and improvisations of Joel and Abraham in the lot where coffee plants are growing. With this material he finishes the piece and begins the postproduction process.


January–March 2017

teaser-depresion-3Edgardo Aragón edits and corrects the color in the video, while Demián Lara edits the sound.


May 2017

IMG_942711. Abraham invites owners of local cafés to a lecture about their experience planting coffee at the empty lot. Plants are distributed among the café owners.