A radio broadcast via internet was organized with the goal of opening a space for dialogue that may help create neighborhood networks about the need to regenerate green areas in Santa María la Ribera. On the airwaves were members of local initiatives dedicated to permaculture, a group of neighbors interested in the barrio’s environment, and experts in urbanism and horticulture.

There was a vast community participation in the radio broadcast with people speaking about the current situation of green areas in the barrio and sharing ideas to regenerate such areas. Neighbors offered practical proposals and gave ideas about improving and preserving trees, plants, flowerbeds, neutral grounds and other sites with a potential to have vegetation. People from Rizoma Cooperativa and Mi Verde Morada, green initiatives in the barrio, spoke about their work and experience implementing educational programs, community activities, and actions in specific sites. The city planner Miriam Caraveo and the horticulturist Mauricio Badillo spoke about their work related to environmental policies at a community scale.

During the radio broadcast, the live audience received organic coffee donated by the Bello Café as well as fresh lemongrass and medicinal herbs grown by the group in the Urban Agriculture Workshop. A useful pamphlet about urban green areas was also distributed, and people who expressed their opinion on-air received aromatic plants.

This broadcast was the follow-up to a series of activations in the barrio to promote and build awareness about environmental policies.

We thank the technical support of Diego Aguirre from wmwmwm.net, Abraham Bello from Bello Café, Sergio from Mi Verde Morada, Francisco from Rizoma Cooperativa, Miriam Caraveo and Mauricio Badillo.