Cynthia Gutiérrez, resident of Guadalajara, begins her research in February 2017 to develop a one-month co-participative project in the barrio. She holds conversations with Claudia, a neighbor who owns a stained glass workshop. She also established contacts with students and teachers from El Pensador Mexicano, an elementary public school.

Cynthia Gutiérrez’s work has shown a deep interest in analyzing different concepts, such as memory, conflictive situations, and unstable spaces. Based on fragments, she proposes to reconfigure images that alter usual directions and destabilize structures, offering alternatives that operate simultaneously between reality and fiction. Gutiérrez links historical elements with distorted chronologies to reveal the impossibility of generating precise recollections.



February 2017

IMG_9910During her first residency at the barrio, Cynthia Gutiérrez discovers numerous pieces of stained glass on facades. In one of her tours, she meets Claudia, owner of a stained-glass workshop in the barrio, and chooses stained glass as a media for her project.


IMG_20170302_110505994During this residency, Gutiérrez finds El Pensador Mexicano, a public elementary school with enormous windows. She then invites students to jointly make stained-glass windows for the school.




July 2017

IMG_7552-2Cynthia Gutiérrez returns to Santa María, and renews her contact with Claudia, the owner of the stained-glass workshop. During this period, Gutiérrez also begins talks with linguist Etna Pascacio and researcher and curator Daniel Garza Usabiaga; then she holds feedback discussions with them about the possible contents of the stained-glass work.


October 2017

IMG_1084During this period, Cynthia Gutiérrez develops the co-participative process with a group of students from the elementary school El Pensador Mexicano. Together, they develop exercises, which help define the content of the stained-glass windows for the school. Exercises are focused on identity, belonging, codification and language, light and shade, and the building of stained-glass windows.


Diciembre 2017- Enero 2018

IMG_4737Students from the El Pensador Mexicano School work for two sessions developing their own language of specific shapes that will define the content of the leaded glass window designed by Cynthia Gutiérrez.



Presentation of the Proposal

October 2017

IMG_0789Cynthia Gutiérrez presents her proposal to Mónica Amieva, Fernando García Correa, and Christian del Castillo, members of the discussion and feedback group.