Fernando García Dory, who lives in Madrid and Berlin, began his first residency at the barrio in March 2014. García Dory usually works with collaborators and in his work he reflects upon the relationships among rural economies, cities, and nature. He is also interested in generating food production processes that question and subvert the dynamics of contemporary consumerism. For the inSite/Casa Gallina project, Fernando established contacts with professionals dedicated to fields akin to his own interests, such as permaculture and cooking. Thus, he has approached an Ayuuk Indian community in the barrio that owns a taco restaurant, as well as a group of men who gather around a tire repair shop in the barrio.

Visit the artist’s web page at: http://fernandogarciadory.com/

Fernando García Dory, who lives in Madrid, is in his third residency in the barrio. During this one-month residency, he is organizing his co-participative project with a group of residents in the barrio that gather around a tire repair shop. During his previous residency, García Dory had established contact with this group, interested in generating a common creative initiative.




March/First residency

During his first residency, Fernando García Dory established certain contacts and exchanges, and—based on his own interests—began discussing agro-ecological processes, urban gardens, landscape architecture, and environmental design with experts such as TOA; Tonatiuh Martínez from Entorno; Gabriela Vargas from Cultiva Ciudad; and Mauricio Badillo from UVA Tlatelolco, among others.

November 2014 – January 2015/ Second residency

DSCN1118In November, Fernando García Dory begins his second residency in the barrio, during which he identifies certain lines and fields of interest, as well as some actors and strategies to structure a future co-participative dynamic.


DSCN1096During his second residency, Fernando García Dory focused on defining social areas of interest that may lay the groundwork for discussions about his co-participative process. He was interested in the small Ayuuk Indian community that has a taco restaurant in the barrio, as well as in a group of men of different characteristics that gather around a tire repair shop in the barrio. During his month-long residency, Fernando was able to obtain an enthusiastic response from the group at the tire repair shop that paved the way for an ongoing dialogue with possibilities for a creative collaboration in the near future.

December 2015/ Third residency

IMG_6682During this residency, Fernando García Dory resumes his contact with the group of men who gather around a tire repair shop in the barrio. They jointly prepare the design and production of a small pop-up book based on the life stories of the men in the group and their mutual support and internal collaboration dynamics.

IMG_763016.- Fernando Garcia Dory finishes the production of the pop-up book in a joint effort with a group of neighbors. The daily dynamics of the group’s mutual support and solidarity are described in the book.