During its second year, the Basic Computer Training Program for Senior Citizens connects neighbors interested in sharing their digital technology knowledge with other neighbors—mostly senior citizens—who need and are interested in learning basic computer technology.

This program is divided in two: a nine-session intensive workshop for beginners; and a program of open computer support for those who already have computer skills and who either want to develop a project or who have specific questions. Neighbor Viridiana Gamiño coordinates both groups.

This program will be held from March to June, under the supervision of neighbor Lorena Jáuregui, who is in charge of coordinating two basic workshops and an intermediate workshop. Yazzint Pantoja, also a neighbor, and Alejandro Amescua will join the permanent computer support programs; the latter will also implement a new support program focused only on cell phones and tablets.

In July, two neighbors join this program—Óscar Nagore and Mónica Marentes—who are now in charge of technical support for the new groups of neighbors interested in the use of technology in everyday life. During this month, new work dynamics began with a group of twelve neighbors, who had participated in different activities in the program and had been interested in ways of communicating information in social media. Viridiana Gamiño, a neighbor and facilitator, met with this group to form an editors’ network to share content in their community Facebook page, while promoting responsible dissemination of information relevant to the barrio based on observation and analysis of sources. A result of this meeting is that neighbors are now learning to administer their page in Facebook, providing another interaction for residents in Santa María.

The program continued from September to December, offering constant support thanks to the efforts of young neighbors who function as instructors, who at the same time learned a personal style of teaching that shares knowledge horizontally. Senior citizens focused on different projects such as the use of social media to promote products, to provide advanced searches about information and bureaucratic procedures, and a judicious use of information on the internet.