Coordinated by biologist Lourdes Cruz Terán, the workshop is designed for neighbors who have participated in other urban agriculture workshops at Casa Gallina or elsewhere, and who, in addition, have been applying their knowledge at their own homes. The program aims at reinforcing the understanding of general growing processes, according to the agricultural cycles, including planting of seedlings and sprouts, acclimatization of seedlings, generation of substrates, planting late germinating seeds; as well as the tilling, pruning, and harvesting of vegetables, seeds, fruits, roots, and tubers. Participants prepare derived products, such as dyes, ointments, infusions, and home remedies. They discuss theoretical aspects of the appearance and anatomy of perennial, annual, and biannual plants, as well as macro and micronutrients.

The main objective of this workshop is to enable participants to become tutors of new participating neighbors in a series of urban gardening activities programmed during the course of the year at Casa Gallina and in some public spaces in the barrio.