The goal of the Basic Computer Support Program for Seniors is to include this sector in the communication dynamics of information and social networks that digital platforms offer. The program addresses the interests of a majority of seniors that participate in Casa Gallina’s activities and of some other seniors that are newcomers who also share an interest in learning basic computer functions and the most common internet applications to communicate with friends and relatives, keep updated about community life, and have access to bureaucratic procedures.

To implement the program, we invited neighbors linked to other activities in Casa Gallina to design and coordinate the learning activities according to the interests, knowledge, and abilities of the senior participants. Based on this information, two basic activities were defined: a course on basic computer skills, and permanent and individual support.

Alejandro Camús taught the first course, and Eduardo Rojano, a neighbor of the barrio, taught the second, which finished recently. Activities and dynamics were focused on getting participants acquainted with the basic language and iconography of internet navigators, and teaching the use of applications for such uses as accessing e-mail and social networks. Applying mediation exercises, instructors identified the personal motivations of participants in order to continue the learning process in a more individualized manner in the support program offered by neighbor Margarita Morales.