The seventh session of the “Open Kitchen” workshops focused on confectionery and pastry skills in response to the interest expressed by the majority of attendees at previous sessions.

The chefs, Ilse and Ezra Aguilar, shared their experience with a group of cooks and employees from small family restaurants and cafeterias in the neighborhood. Together they created three cost effective, fruit based desserts with reduced sugar content: banana cake, guava preserves, and lemon mousse.

As an introduction, Rocío Flores Torres, master of social medicine, spoke to the participants regarding the health risks posed by the excessive consumption of processed sugars found in commercially produced desserts and food items. She discussed alternatives,such as moderate consumption of homemade desserts combined with a healthy diet.

During this event, participants were presented with a workbook containing recipes from the chefs, which had been prepared during the workshop, in addition to three texts which summarize the effects and risks of sugar intake as well as advice for the prevention of illnesses related to excessive consumption.