This workshop, designed and implemented by chef Raúl Armando Gómez, was directed at food business owners and their employees. Participants learned to cook creative dishes based on low cost vegetables, with an emphasis on their nutritional and cost benefits, and considering the different types of clienteles and establishments, such as diners, cafeterias, and restaurants. The workshop also encouraged discussions to share doubts and experiences, and to analyze the importance of local businesses, seasonal products, and consumers’ habits.

During this four-session workshop, chef Raúl Armando Gómez shared valuable shopping information, techniques to slice products to get the most out of them, and the use of different seasonings to avoid excess salt, refined sugar, or artificial flavoring. Also discussed was the traditional Mexican cuisine and how we have neglected the traditional use of vegetables and herbs, emphasizing their nutritional value and cost benefits. This discussion ended with helpful advice about the use of native Mexican vegetables.

Among the dishes prepared in the workshop were: lentil ceviche, banana ice cream, amaranth with mole, and mushroom soup.