The Cooking and Nutrition Workshop for parents and children was a learning space for neighbors interested in sharing time with their children by participating in processes to monitor their eating habits. Nutritionist Tania Hidalgo and a group of seven students from the Escuela Superior de Gastronomía coordinated the workshop. They worked with the Knowledges Team at Casa Gallina to develop both the topics to be addressed during the sessions, as well as recipes, considering affordability, nutritional value of the ingredients to be used, the availability of cooking utensils at any given home, and the daily problems confronted by parents to offer a healthy diet to their children.

Topics focused on practical and nutritional recipes for school lunches; healthy options for fast food, desserts, sweets, and beverages with low or zero amounts of processed sugar. Participants also reviewed healthy meals and the importance of designing menus in advance in order to have adequate control of the children’s diet. Participants were parents and children ages four to twelve years.