Film director Manuel Trujillo “Morris” lead an intensive course that focused on utilizing basic tools for professional audiovisual work in a digital format. The course examined technical aspects of video editing and production with an emphasis on documentaries.

Course attendees learned to record, edit, and publish videos digitally. Participants implemented those skills while filming and editing a short documentary about the neighborhood. They looked at the process of recording and producing video: creation of a “beat sheet,” camera and lighting functions, audio recording techniques, and basic video editing principles in Final Cut; as well as various narrative models, how to work productively as a team, and individual production roles.

In addition to technical training, the group studied general aspects of urban visual culture, neighborhood life, collective work, as well as the implications of recording and documenting individuals and specific communities.

For the first guest lecture, film director Ricardo Nicolayevsky presented a selection of his series of portraits, which are an example of experimental treatment of documentary films. In the second guest session, documentary maker Michael Ramos-Araizaga, who specializes in moving image archives, spoke about his projects and explained the processes he uses in relationship to documentary work with specific communities.

The film produced by the participants, “Destino: Santa María la Ribera,” was presented in the Saberes area of the house. Participants invited families, neighbors, and friends to the presentation to observe and discuss the final work.

Participants: Adriana Santiago, Brenda Santos, Cynthia Franco, Carlos Paredes, Aleydis Paredes, Angélica Peña, Brenda Strempler, Luis Miguel Barro.

Acknowledgements: Rosa María, Óscar Jesús “El Tierno, Madrina Mayra Jazmín, Sergio Corona (Checo), Enchúlame la Bici, Centro Transdisciplinario Poesía  and Trayecto, A.C., Margarita Solache, Félix Blume y Lissette Jassan