The Craft Your Barrio Workshop is designed and taught by ArsGames. It is focused on the use of videogames to stimulate the children’s participation in solutions of common urban problems. Instructors are Mercedes Torres, Eurídice Cabañes, and other members of ArsGames, as well as urban planners, architects, and neighbors who, during ten working sessions, discuss and play with the participants. Activities are organized in an assembly format, where projects and working and playing rules are agreed upon. Ideas and different points of view are discussed.+

This workshop’s final project was a virtual model of the Santa María La Ribera barrio. To that end, the children built architectural and urban projects derived from their tours of the barrio. Three neighbors—architect Heby Lucas, and urban planners Silver Jarrot and Paola Flores—helped with the design. First, participants observed some sites that are part of their daily life in order to develop their own notion of public space in relation to traffic, economy, and recreation that caught their attention. They also pointed out some of the problems in the barrio, such as garbage on the streets, faulty public lighting, and insufficient recreation and sports facilities.

The children presented urban solutions to some of the problems mentioned above, such as transforming idle lots into parks for dogs, public pools, or urban gardens.

As a way of giving back to the community, the children placed signs to identify trees at the Alameda del Kiosco Morisco.