Coordinator of this workshop, Chef Armando Gómez teaches participants how to prepare dishes whose main ingredients were chosen based on surveys of the vendors of the Dalia market about products they no longer carry because of lack of demand. Since participants are interested in cooking for educational or working purposes, they are encouraged to explore the basics of management of personal and material resources that food businesses may require in order to develop a practical experience.

The main goal is to reactivate the use of traditional, affordable, and highly nutritious vegetable ingredients. To this end, the program is divided in two parts: during the first five sessions, participants prepare recipes that show how such ingredients may be used, in spite of the active pace of today’s life and the current culinary tendencies. During the last five sessions, participants display their creativity exploring personal ways of using such ingredients in new dishes to develop standard recipes that will then be put together in a pamphlet to be distributed among vendors and clients of the Dalia market.