Over the course of 15 sessions, designer and illustrator Santiago Solis taught participants basic handling of digital tools for working in professional graphic design. Through exercises and theory classes, the participants learned the elemental functions of the Adobe Suite™ programs most often used in professional graphic design: Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. The group consisted mainly of students and young people interested in careers in design and looking to improve their abilities to work with images and communicate visually.

The workshop was inspired by a survey of groups already linked to Casa Gallina: Lobos military band, students from Fresno High School and young people who meet to skate in Alameda park.

Course participants had their first hands-on experience with Adobe Illustrator™, which included exercises in directional drawing and designing flyers, business cards and posters. They also studied the general concepts of composition, typography, color theory and visual communication.

During the second week, the group studied the diverse functions of Photoshop™, like retouching photographs and integrating images created in Photoshop with other Adobe programs.

The course involved the collaboration of poster designer Jorge Garnica and editorial illustrator David Nieto, who lead exercises in their respective fields.

The course workbook includes color illustrations of general design concepts. Participants also had access to a library of texts about design theory.

Finally, participants explored the basic functions of Indesign™ for editorial design work. Participants worked on layout of brochures and displays. Working in teams, they designed visual campaigns associated with specific problems in the neighborhood, specifically discrimination and public security.

Participants: Leticia Cordero, Adriana Ruiz, Brenda Santos, Brenda Strempler, Luis Barro, Lorena Jáuregui, Alejandra Contreras, Noé Vázquez, Andrés Ramírez, Luis Martínez, Lilia Angélica, Fernanda Hernández and Diego Carrasco.

Acknowledgements: David Nieto, Jorge Garnica, Gabriela Galván, Guadalupe Cristóbal.