The film cycle and discussion Los frutos maduros son los más dulces (Mature Fruit Is the Sweetest) was coordinated and designed by neighbor Margarita Morales, who chose four movies: El gran Calavera (The Great Madcap) by Luis Buñuel; Elsa y Fred (Elsa and Fred) by Marcos Carnevale; Guten Tag, Ramón by Jorge Ramírez Suárez; and Todos los caminos llevan a casa (All Roads Lead Home) by Lee Jeong-Hyang. All the stories are centered on characters that experience changes in their lives during their senior years. Each showing was followed by a conversation during which the group either validated or questioned the imaginaries shown in the films with the help of cognitive exercises designed for seniors.

During the cycle, participants expressed their opinions concerning the importance of playing a role in family and community decisions. They discussed topics such as “Transcending prejudice to better know the others,” “Reducing confrontation to improve life in the community,” “Re-evaluating the importance of other forms of interpersonal communication,” “Trying to show empathy, or if this is impossible, to be tolerant,” “Awareness of our right and the right of the others, to enjoy, in any stage of life.”

Acknowledgments: Margarita Morales