Hosted by Abraham Bello, owner of the Bello Cafe, twenty-six neighbors met at Casa Gallina to discuss problems currently impacting coffee businesses. Some of them were interested in the coffee culture, while others represented the coffee shops in the barrio.

Discussions were focused on the current production crisis due to increased coffee leaf rust that has resulted in product shortages and subsequent increases in prices during this year.

Abraham also defined the different types of consumers and the diverse business approaches, emphasizing that competition among establishments in the neighborhood necessarily involves being aware of the many different styles of cafes that, in turn, generates a variety in supply. He also spoke about the impact of international franchises on local economies and their market strategies to attract costumers. Joined by barista Daniel López, from the local Cups to Go, Abraham explained the different coffee extraction methods: Chemex, Dripper, Japanese Siphon and Aero Press, and offered tasting samples of each.

There was active participation from the guests who, in addition to giving feedback, proposed and analyzed strategies to organize neighbors and coffee businesses, to ultimately reinforce the neighborhood network. The attendees also showed interest in further meetings on this and other topics.

We appreciate the attendance and active participation of our guests, especially the local cafes: Bello café, Cups to Go, Caprichito Mío, Zuchero, Librería Bodet and Raquel González, neighbor and small producer.