In this workshop, coordinated by illustrators Berenice Medina and Santiago Grijalva, participants from the barrio analyze and implement processes to integrate narrative and images frequently used in comics, info-photographs, illustrated short stories, photojournalism, etc. The purpose is to use those formats to address neighborhood problems and situations that are important to the barrio.

Coordinators present stock material, analyzing graphic narrative formats that may be used to communicate information in different contexts throughout the story. Then, participants select material to develop a strip of a few images to represent their perception of themselves in relationship to their surrounding environment, and how they are involved or not in activities that benefit the community. Based on the first exercises, participants engage in feedback and go over the references in order to explain and develop their own style as a product of their personal experiences, abilities, and sensitivities.

During the second stage, the workshop encourages joint editing of each participant’s project with a theme to be developed and included in the final collective piece. Based on the projects, the group holds discussion sessions on topics such as gentrification, garbage in public spaces, health and personal welfare, and poverty and destitution. Once topics are defined, the group sets guidelines for needed activities such as documentary and field research, interviews, development of storyboards, and editorial design.

The final result, an anthology that includes comics, photographic essays, info-photographs, and illustrated stories, is currently in the prepress process and will be presented to the participating group in January 2018.