The Healthy Cooking Workshop was designed to address concerns in the community about nutrition and healthy eating habits among families in the barrio. During the workshop’s four sessions, participants discussed recipes, including which ingredients cover different energy needs. Neighbors spoke about their habits and life styles, and experts discussed how to design diets according to nutritional needs in an efficient and accessible manner. Activities were designed and coordinated by chef Álvaro Andrade. An introductory session focused on common beliefs about healthy eating habits that was followed by three sessions dealing with three different topics, such as animal and vegetable proteins, as well as dishes based on fruit and vegetables—keeping in mind the importance of designing healthy diets considering individual calorie needs, the time of the day, as well as nutritional needs depending on age and health conditions.

In addition, nutritionist Fiorella Espinosa spoke about the risks of frequent consumption of processed food and explained how to identify certain characteristics of processed food that masquerade as healthy products.