The second Urban Farm workshop was held from September to December 2015. It was devoted to herbal medicine in response to the interests shown by participants in the first workshop. Eighteen participants, mostly students at the barrio’s Casa de Cultura, attended weekly sessions in which different experts addressed theoretical and practical aspects of herbal medicine, such as: chemical composition of plants frequently used in Mexican natural medicine and their reaction in the human body; the growth and reproduction of medicinal plants in small spaces; the scientific and social significance of growing our own medicinal plants; and safety steps to avoid the risks in herbal medicine, among other topics.

Participants learned to identify a variety of medicinal plants in the garden, made personal herbal ​​collections by researching books from the knowledge fund, and prepared macerations, tinctures, compresses, and infusions with different plants.

Our guest for the closing session of this cycle was Isaí Rocha, co-director of Alas Laboratorio Eco-Urbano. Rocha gave a talk on the challenges of promoting a community urban farm and the importance of turning ideas into concrete written projects. He also shared information about organizations that support citizens’ initiatives for environmental regeneration. After the talk, participants shared a potluck meal.

Participants: Andrea Ruiz, Beatriz Jiménez Cervantes, Delia Alcaraz, Eusebia Suárez, Filiberta Sánchez, Gabriela García, Gloria Hinojosa, Irina Morales, María Elena Jiménez, María Patricia Jiménez, Maricruz Vega Juan, Mónica Ordoñez, Rosa María Vázquez, Sergio Vázquez, Susana Vértiz, Teresa Becerril, and Victoria Rosas.

Acknowledgements: Magda Carranza, Mauricio Badillo, Miriam Mora, Reyna Osuna, Mariana Luján, Isaí Rocha and Dante Aguilar.