Casa Gallina organized a short film series on August 31. It was open to all neighbors and was coordinated by Isabel Muñoz, a neighbor filmmaker. The purpose was to show short stories, where the narration emphasizes the precise use of innovative film language.

The short films selected were: El héroe, by Carlos Carrera; En el espejo del Cielo, by Carlos Salces; Un viaje, by Gabriela Monroy; Café Paraíso and El último canto del pájaro CU, by Alonso Ruizpalacios; Rebeca a estas alturas, by Luciana Jaufred; and Tierra y pan by Carlos Armella.

As a result of this activity, several participants were interested in joining the Audiovisual Production Workshop, developed and coordinated by Isabel Muñoz, which offers tools to understand the use of film language.