In response to the neighbors’ growing interest in learning how to implement effective agricultural systems in small spaces, we coordinated the fourth phase of the Casa Gallina Urban Garden, consisting of three workshops for people with different schedules, and dedicated to two hydroponic systems: fixed substrate and NFT growing, both ideal for domestic spaces.

The three workshops in this cycle have finished: the first was coordinated by horticulturist Mauricio Badillo; the second, by biologist Mariana Luján; and the third, again by Mauricio Badillo. All three workshops shared the same thematic core; learning motivations varied according to each group and were monitored by the instructors in a manner that teaching was different according to each group’s needs, thus providing continuity in the activities undertaken outside Casa Gallina.

Under the instructors’ supervision, several participants in the first two workshops have implemented hydroponic systems at their homes, and they are planning a joint action of ecologic regeneration in public spaces. The participants in the third workshop have expressed interest in understanding urban agriculture in depth, thus the hydroponics workshop developed into a laboratory of critical thinking and practice of the different urban growing models.