This workshop is designed for children of ages ten to twelve from different elementary schools in the barrio. It is based on a pedagogical-experimental teaching model, designed and taught by Tijuana-born filmmaker Itzel Martínez. The workshop begins by teaching audiovisual languages, as a means to foster new practices and knowledges in children. To that purpose, Martinez encourages fantasy, imagination, and the expansion of limits in everyday life. A main objective is to help reverse children’s passive consumption of digital media, by creating children’s communities of proactive and critical consumers of media, and to open new dialogue paths and understanding between parents and children.

During the first half of this workshop, participants were engaged in activities focused on detailed observation of the environment: they collected and resignified everyday objects and explored the interpretational and narrative possibilities of their meanings; then they jointly proposed characters and plots in imaginary worlds.

Based on scripts participants had written during latter sessions, they began the process of producing animated short films. Students helped provide movement to the settings and characters; they took photographs to shape sequences and improvised animations using their cell phones.

In joint collaboration, Itzel Martínez and Ketzali Arreola designed and coordinated activities, and collaborated with illustrator Liz Meville who was in charge of supervising the production of the characters and settings.

Final products will be presented in January to participants and their families.