The fourth session of the Open Kitchen workshop focused on the purpose of the Casa Gallina urban garden. A group of participants who had attended the first three Open Kitchen workshops reunited to discuss the garden’s purpose: the promotion of a sustainable, healthy and economical dietary model; shared experiences generated in the kitchen; and the effect of putting this knowledge into practice–as much in their businesses as in their homes.

Participants took a walk through Casa Gallina’s garden with Mauricio Badillo who spoke about small-scale horticulture in an urban environment, as well as the economic, nutritional and mood-enhancing benefits that come from tending a garden.The participants harvested ingredients such as kale, lettuce, radishes and jasmine, which they would use to execute dishes with Guest Chef Alvaro Ramos.

Chef Ramos lead the cooking workshop, designing a complete seasonal menu for Lent planning enticing meals without red meat.

A third workbook was given to each participant with the recipes from the Lent menu, an introduction to urban vegetable gardens and lists of qualities of the plants harvested.

Participants also received copies of “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, a documentary that tackles the transcendence of culinary activity in the life of a cook.