In response to the barrio’s latent interest in alternative dynamics of barter, we invited neighbors and members of different initiatives who practice bartering and exchange. Edith Caballero and Emma Villanueva, from Multitrueke Mixhucaand a network of active consumers in Mexico City coordinated critical thinking dynamics centered on the ways the current economic system operates in the country, and analyzed concepts such as money, poverty debt, and feasible options to create a fair alternative economy, i.e., barter and multi-barter.

The group analyzed at depth the proactive consumer concept, which simultaneously involves the idea that a consumer is necessarily also a producer (of goods, services, but also of knowledges). Participants spoke about their own abilities and talents that can be exchanged in the barrio. This stirred particular interest, since participants discovered other participants who needed the many services they can offer. They also discussed the possibility of creating a community exchange network adapted to the context of the barrio.

Acknowledgments: Ema Villanueva, and Edith and Claudia Caballero from Multitrueke Mixhuca.