A Natural Cosmetics Workshop was offered In January and February 2016, addressing the interest expressed by the participants in previous Urban Garden workshops at Casa Gallina. The focus was on technical training to produce cosmetics made with natural raw materials and with plants from Casa Gallina’s urban garden. Basic marketing concepts were also explained. Marisol Torres—head of natural cosmetology at the Chapingo University—taught eight sessions focusing on the methodology needed to prepare creams, soaps, exfoliating gels, oils, and ointments.

The eighteen neighbor participants were introduced to technical issues, and they also consulted bibliographical information about the qualities of the plants used in order to fully understand the proper use of the products made. During the last two sessions, under the instructor’s supervision, students applied small scale marketing methods for these products, estimating fixed and variable production costs. The group held their own sessions to make and market their products.

As a way to give back to the community, participants produced eighteen liters of sanitizing gel, which were distributed at no charge among the food stands in the neighborhood. They also distributed pamphlets with information and instructions on how to make sanitizing gel at home, with no harmful chemical substances, which was more affordable than commercial gel.