To adapt the different spaces to the collective urban gardens, this workshop invited neighbors to allow participants who do not own a proper space to have access to public or private spaces. Activities are coordinated by Armando Volterrani, an expert in urban agriculture and in growing dynamics, who helps community organizing and explains planting techniques. The space of three neighbors is used for the first cycle, while other participants help caring for the plants. The first session is dedicated to planning and defining the equipment, techniques, seeds to be planted, and the work schedule that will be implemented in later sessions. The first planting space was offered by the owner of the bakery El Reloj, with whom it is agreed to plant fine herbs, which may support the bakery’s production. The rooftop of Lupita, a neighbor, is the second space, followed by Taydé’s urban garden. Rights and obligations for the use and care of the urban gardens are agreed on by participants, so that production is shared by those who work on the gardens and those who lend the spaces.