The second series of summer workshops for children was held during July and August 2017. It was based on the book La Dalia. Un mercado con tradición en la Santa María La Ribera (La Dalia: A Traditional Market in Santa María La Ribera). Educator Eduardo Camargo designed and taught the workshops, assisted by biologist Annette Rivera. A total of four one-week courses was offered; activities were adapted to the specific ages of students in each course that covered five different topics: urban garden; from the farm to the table; smells, tastes, and textures; La Dalia market; and nutrition concepts. Groups were limited to sixteen children from public schools in the barrio.

During each course at Casa Gallina, students explored the urban garden; tasted flowers and vegetables that were unknown to them, such as ginger; made fruit ice cream; and practiced bartering with vendors at the market. Assisting instructors, several parents went to the market and helped the children to establish a dialogue with those vendors the parents previously knew.

At the end of each course, a meeting with parents was held to assess the impact of the workshop on the family environment and to gather suggestions about ways to give back to the community. Once an agreement was reached, parents and children prepared jams, using one of the recipes offered during the summer workshops; then they donated the jams to a community kitchen in the barrio.