The sixth session of the Open Kitchen workshop looked at the preparation of pasta. The theme was chosen by popular demand, as many past participants had expressed an interest in learning to make homemade pasta and adding new pasta recipes to their repertoires. For many of the participants, pasta is a stand-by dish for lunch at their establishments.

The introduction to the session was given by Fiorella Espinosa, who has a Masters in Public Health, who presented El plato del buen comer (The Nutritious Plate), a diagram included in the official Mexican policy that promotes and educates in healthy nutrition.

The attendees, all of whom are linked to family run food businesses in the neighborhood, prepared their own cost-effective, nutritious, homemade pasta under the guidance of Chef Zahie Tellez, a specialist in traditional Italian cuisine. With their homemade pasta they prepared lasagne with bolognese, vegetable tagliatelle and spinach ravioli.

The workbook included the three recipes, as well as the following illustrated texts: El plato del buen comer, Como hacer pasta casera (How To Make Homemade Pasta), Diez razones para comer pasta (Ten Reasons To Eat Pasta) and La Pasta: tipos de pasta (Types of Pasta).