This session of Open Kitchen showcased traditional Mexican recipes that use chili: mole, adobo and other sauces. The workshop was lead by Chef Alvaro Ramos who spoke about the tradition of chili in regional cuisine. During the workshop, the chef offered advice on the preparation and conservation of chilies and taught participants how to distinguish between them.

The menu included: nut enchiladas with radishes, serrano chilis, cinnamon and a plantain sauce; chilaquiles prepared with an ancho and guajillo chili sauce; and yellow mole with chicken and vegetables from the garden. In addition to the three complete dishes, the group also prepared a sauce for everyday use with torrido peppers and sriracha.

During the introduction, the group discussed economic solidarity, fair trade, and other models of exchanging resources that favor the common good and care for the environment. They also discussed the contrast between established practices and possible strategies that might benefit vulnerable groups and individuals within the neighborhood context.

A workbook was compiled with recipes of the dishes, a text about the nutritional value of chili and its importance in traditional Mexican cuisine. It mentions the health benefits of moderate consumption of chili and includes cards with the varieties of chilies participants used. The second text consists of a brief introduction to economic solidarity and defines it as a way to procure common good and look after the environment.