The ninth session of the Open Kitchen workshop focused on beans–a staple in Mexico and therefore an integral part of a nutritious diet in the neighborhood. Culinary specialist Ailyn Sanchez, known for her food styling, as well as developing recipes for diverse brands, lead the workshop.

The session included the preparation of dishes with diverse types of beans, demonstrating the versatility of this extremely cost effective and nutritious food. Participants prepared Congri rice using black beans, Minestrone soup using a variety of vegetables from the garden, and hummus using Peruvian beans.

Prior to cooking, Sanchez gave a presentation highlighting her experience in culinary styling and shared advice for dish presentation.

Participants discussed recipes, uses and handling of beans, and characterized them as an essential part of the menus in their establishments.

The workbook for this installment of Open Kitchen included a text featuring the health benefits of beans as part of a balanced diet and advice on how to maximize its nutritional value, ways in which to use beans with other vegetables, and the recipes used in the workshop.