Under the pretext as a part of the recent celebration of the World Environment Day, Casa Gallina organized the Day to Day: a Neighbors’ Initiative for a Harmonious Ecological Culture event in the barrio with different local groups to generate programs that would have a positive impact on the development of specific environmental actions in the barrio. Estanquillo El 32, a group formed by biologists and environmentalists Iván Pérez Samayoa, Lourdes Cruz, and Joel Tovar, coordinated this activity. Other initiatives in the meeting were: Perrunos Santa María La Ribera with Elena Ibáñez, Enchúlame la bici with Sergio Corona, and Ver-D with Claudia Chávez.

The meeting began with guests presenting their projects. Each participant spoke about his or her group’s activities and the way each group understands and handles social problems and their impact on the environment.

After the presentations, Estanquillo El 32, based on its experience in environmental work, discussed strategies that the groups could implement to have a more powerful environmental impact. Based on the question “What actions should we implement to approach each of the existing problems?” the rest of the neighbors decided that it was important to define two aspects of the environmental work in the barrio: actions focused on the interrelationship of living species and the resources they need, as well as natural resources, such as soil, water, air, and wastes; and on the other hand, pending actions concerning the residents in the barrio that are necessary for their progress.

Derived from the proposals addressing specific problems, participants—groups and neighbors—defined a list of potential projects, as well as an address book with everyone involved. At the end, the neighbors, in addition to the ideas in the list, shared what each one is doing, what they know, and are willing to do to increase their joint efforts.