Ricardo Salas, editorial designer, taught a workshop to neighbors in Santa María La Ribera who were interested in their professional development in creative disciplines such as: filmmaking, design, visual arts, architecture, and urbanism. The objectives of this workshop were to practice observation, and to generate ideas and compositional elements required by all creative products.

Through a technique to dynamically analyze images, participants learned to identify composition, rhythm, balance, and visual harmony of different elements, events, typographies, objects, or individuals in different formats. During the following sessions, participants created their own images based on tours of the barrio. This activity encouraged awareness to find their own harmony with and the beauty in their urban environment. Exercises were focused on a campaign to dignify life, and to grow aware of the tangible and intangible legacy in the barrio. With that goal in mind, participants proposed themes and were responsible for researching and developing the visual results that would provide a harmony between a message, an image, and a chosen typography. Products were ready to be used in the barrio.