Coordinated by the sculptor Emilio Converso, this workshop is for parents and children who will disassemble and reuse parts of used toys that were obtained by an open invitation to the neighbors to create their own characters as a collage. The workshop starts with exercises to develop basic characters and narratives. Then, with the help of their parents, children build their characters, using saws, silicon, thread, paint, and other materials. They exchange opinions about the features that each child attributes to their characters.

During the process, Emilio is focused on building awareness in the participants about how some commercial toys imply a discourse about gender roles, ideologies, and stereotypes, and how activities in this workshop help reconfigure, rethink, and intuitively question those discourses.

The specific objective of the workshop is to have each child build three toys: one to keep, another to exchange within the group, and another to give to a child in the barrio.