Horticulturist Mauricio Badillo coordinates this Urban Garden Workshop, the goal of which is to encourage critical and challenging thinking to problematize some of the participants’ technical and theoretical urban agriculture knowledge. We invited some experienced neighbors who have attended environmental workshops at Casa Gallina and elsewhere, and who have implemented their own urban gardens.

The work plan comprises sessions with expert guests to speak about different topics, such as making eco-friendly fertilizers and composts, using hydroponic systems, releasing underutilized vegetable gardens, and encouraging biological diversity in urban gardens.

Also included are field trips to distribution and production sites, as well as to the urban gardens of participants to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to discuss their doubts and concerns about urban agriculture. In addition, participants will jointly build composting toilets to produce enough substrate to share among the growing network of urban gardens in the barrio.

This workshop came to an end after four months of hard work during which neighbors successfully implemented a cornfield at Casa Gallina’s urban garden. The overall purpose was to promote the involvement of other groups.

Participants actively developed new technical abilities and further understood the benefits of the joint effort required by urban agriculture. They engaged in conversations about the potential of urban gardens as environmental regulators, as tools to integrate the community, and as a means to develop local economies based on solidarity and collaboration.

As a result, they organized a neighborhood cooperative to grow and exchange products from their home gardens.