Ramos is a baker and pastry chef by training, but also an anthropologist, culturalist, writer and chronicler specializing in gastronomy. He has studied gastronomy, arts and heritage, and social anthropology. He transcends fields of knowledge, as his practice focuses on the gastronomic cultural heritage and social dimension of the kitchen. He combines his work as a chef with teaching workshops. He has also developed community service projects related to cooking, food and nutrition in the context of vulnerability. He designs and develops signature recipes that promote the efficient use of resources, healthy food and revises tradition to experiment with local and seasonal products. Currently, he is independently developing the PRIMAL pastry workshop rediscovering colonial pastries, from convents and Mexican tradition, to be specifically produced by low cost kitchens and artisanal bakeries. Currently, he is also part of the Forever Vegan project. Chef Alvaro Ramos is a constant contributor to the Kitchen, and has taught the workshops: Salads, Lent Menu and Dishes with Chillies.