AbenshushanShe studied at UNAM’s Philosophy and Literature School, and is a fiction writer, essayist, and editor. She has published essays such as Una habitación desordenada and Julio Ramón Ribeyro, as well as El clan de los insomnes, a collection of short stories that won the 2002 Gilberto Owen National Literature Award, and was published by Tuskets in 2004. Some of her works have been published in national and international anthologies, such as Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction, Voix du Mexique. 16 écrivains contémporains, and El futuro no es nuestro. Narradores de América Latina nacidos entre 1970 y 1980. She founded Tumbona Ediciones, an independent publishing house whose Lafargian motto is “The universal right to idleness.” She has collaborated with the following magazines: La Tempestad, Your Impossible Voice, Etiqueta Negra, Horizontal, Letras libres, Luvina, Paréntesis, and Tierra Adentro. In 2017, she coordinated and taught Collective Writing, the fourth unit of the Participative Journalism Workshop held at Casa Gallina.