Sisters Ilse and Ezra Aguilar lead the pastry-focussed seventh session of the Open Kitchen workshop. Ilse and Ezra began their gastronomical careers from two completely different backgrounds–Ilse studied sociology, while Ezra studied philosophy. Once she decided to make cooking more than just a hobby, Ezra studied at the Lety Gordon Institute in Mexico City and has taken various courses in fine cuisine in Thailand, New York and Madrid. She founded Studio Kitchen, a company dedicated to personalized catering, in 2002. Ilse studied at the Escuela de Hostelería Hofmann, specializing in pastry. She worked in various restaurants in Barcelona, and upon her return to Mexico, worked together with her sister in the banqueting business. In 2008, the pair opened their first pastry shop with the intention of producing creative pastries and cakes, and integrating recipes from family, friends and their different journeys into the world of food. The pastry shop, Bó Pastissería, now showcases artisanal products and traditional recipes with a contemporary touch that use local, seasonal fruits chosen to reflect the flavors of each season in a creative manner.