IMG_9339Born in Corral Falso, Atoyac de Álvarez County, Guerrero, he moved to Mexico City, where he started working for independent coffee roasters when he was fifteen years old. He was only seventeen when he opened his own coffee roaster in Santa María La Ribera, called Bello Café. In addition to selling specialty coffee and being a coffee house, Café Bello offers other activities, such as coffee and mezcal tasting; and barista, brew bar, and tasting courses. Abraham is a biology student at UAM Xochimilco, and has been certified in the five basic modules by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). In a non-profit association, Bello, in a joint effort with other members —biologists, engineers, agronomists, and coffee experts— promotes fair trade and supports coffee growers. Bello has participated in different Casa Gallina projects, such as the lecture-tasting From the Bush to the Cup: Present and Future of Coffee in Mexico, and in Edgardo Aragón’s co-participative project.