Born in the south of France in 1984, Blume graduated from the INSAS School in Belgium, and studied audio-visual design in France. While splitting his time between Mexico, France and Belgium, Blume works as a sound engineer. He works on feature and documentary films, as well as video art. His personal work is based on his field recordings, using the sound as raw material. His sound creations work with the idea of soundscapes and produce different “sound postcards.” His work has been presented on Arte Radio (France), Kunst Radio (Argentina), Phaune Radio (France), Radio Panik (Belgium), and Radio Grenouille (France). His work extends to the visual with a series of minimalist shorts focusing on sound that have been presented as video installations (Monophonic Festival, Belgium). A prolific collector of sounds, Blume has acquired an extensive library from various parts of the world, which he shares online. Blume collaborated on the sound for the filming of Erick Meyenberg’s project, and taught the intensive course in audio production and editing as part of the Entrenamientos (Training) platform at Casa Gallina.